Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Whirlpool Company newspaper keeps on villainizing Pinkney

The Herald Palladium (better known as the Herald Pollution) ran a fluff piece recently, the topic being various websites which promote Benton Harbor/St. Joe, and other places on the web where people, events, etc. from the locale are mentioned. In the article there is a paragraph about YouTube where the following is stated:

"Other videos feature people speaking in defense of Edward Pinkney, who was convicted of voter fraud in 2007."

As long as Pinkney is around to speak truth to power, we can expect to read this type of thing in the HP. It will never be mentioned that both the Berrien County courthouse where he was convicted and the infamous judge Butzbaugh who convicted him are steeped in the most vicious corruption in Michigan. And, it will never be reported that Pinkney was framed. Much of this story can be found by clicking on the links at the beginning of this website.


Anonymous said...

Uhmm... he is a convicted criminal... isn't that kinda the definition of "villain"?


WilliamX said...

On Dec 19th, 2008, I personally
do know for a fact that The
Herald Palladium (better known
as the Herald Pollution) had the
nerves to send a reporter to
cover the court proceedings.

I was wondering why did they have
a reporter cover the story,and
they usually write their racist
stories in the favor of whirlpool
or Berrien County.

White folks uses the word villain-
izing, and Blacks uses the words
victimizing or terrorizing.

For four long (painful) years
Benton Harbor/Berrien County
victimizsdm and terrorized Rev
Pinkney & family. Not to mention
all the hate posts that was read
on this site, and what scared
the hell out of me was very few
Blacks posted somthing in the
behalf of Rev Pinkney.

You used the words he is a convicted criminal. Sure he
is a convicted criminal by
being a Black man in your eye

I am going to sign off after I make this point. White folks
are more animal like then any
other race on earth. They are
undercover criminals. Do you
recall the White Guy who chopped his wife uo into dozens of pieces?

How about the White guy who committed a murder, but a Black
guy died in his place,and yet
Rev Pinkney was tried like he
had bushwhacked a bus load of
Whites in Benton Harbor/Berrien

Whirlpool is ran by a Black CEO
(buttkisser), and that is another
example of how Blacks are used
against one another.

My oldest Son was born in Benton
Harbor (back in the days of
Benton Harbor Steel. The building
that Whirlpool is taking up space,
and I am glad that his Mother
took him to New York.

Racism was stronger then onions
back then, and now the entire
County stinks.
The whirlpool paper is also good
for butt wiping.

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