Friday, December 05, 2008

Draw Your Own Conclusions About Berrien County, Whirlpool, & the Company Tabloid

Some headlines in the Dec. 4-5, 08 Herald Palladium, St. Joseph, Michigan:

Paredes Faces Parole Board
Ex-Store Clerk Testifies in Murder Trial
Berrien Drug Treatment Programs Get Boost [let's wait to see where the money ends up]
Judge: Stabbing Case Evidence Strong
Trial Begins in Slaying of Mobil Clerk
Suspect Risks Life Cold Chase
Three Sought in Pot-Growing Case

Are jobs deliberately removed from this county so the crime business can expand to proportions unknown in almost any other midwest counties with similar sized populations?

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Anonymous said...

This is air-tight logic: a community purposely "ships" jobs out of the area, causing its people to go jobless. This, in turn, creates more crime, which in turn, means more law enforcement activity, benefitting the community. Banco, you've solved the puzzle!