Sunday, October 19, 2008

More Benton Harbor lives ruined - Poverty (ie, no jobs) has always been main cause of "crime" - Keep jobs out of BH, the easier to lock people up

Officer: Two nabbed in alleged drug deal; Detective says men sold suspected crack to undercover officer, By H-P STAFF, 10/18/08

BENTON HARBOR — Two men were arrested Thursday after one of them allegedly sold crack cocaine to an undercover police officer, Berrien County sheriff’s Detective Sgt. Robert Boyce said. The suspects tossed suspected crack cocaine out the window of their car as a uniformed deputy stopped them after the buy, said Boyce, of the sheriff’s Narcotics Unit.Terrance Scott, 24, of 344 High St., Benton Harbor, was booked at the county jail on charges of cocaine delivery and possession with intent to deliver cocaine, both second offenses. Scott is also charged with driving with a suspended license and was being sought on a warrant for nonsupport.Dwayne Yarbrough, 25, of 1087 Monroe St., Benton Harbor, was booked on a charge of second-offense possession with intent to deliver cocaine. Boyce said the undercover officer made the purchase around 2:15 p.m. The two suspects then drove away from the sale scene and were stopped by a deputy in the 800 block of Colfax Avenue. When the deputy made the stop, the two men began throwing suspected drugs out of the vehicle, Boyce said. Police seized $223 in cash and two cell phones subject to civil forfeiture proceedings in Berrien County Trial Court.


Anonymous said...

judging by the total lack of activity anymore on this blog, pretty obvious nobody cares anymore. Ed and his whole thing are old news.

Anonymous said...

GOOD JOB BCSD! Getting more trash off the street. If the courts would do it's part and lock these scumbags up Benton Harbor would be a better place for everyone!

jim crow said...

It's no fun without good ole William X around !

Anonymous said...

no, don't lock up the scumbags. Let everyone run loose, and then Benton harbor will self-destruct.

Leah Hunt said...

This is for the person "anonymous" who said to let Benton Harbor self-destruct~~~

Your statement exemplifies what is wrong in Benton Harbor and What is wrong with this country and it is people like you, the individualistic, selfich and greedy ...that needs to be put away.

I am a white woman who just moved here from out of state....One of my offices is in Benton Harbor ( a new job ) and when I saw that bridge.....between st. Joes and Benton Harbor

I am disgusted. I am appalled. It makes me want to cry~~to see this community left to rot.

It is not there fault! All these assholes that act like the African American Communities brought it upon themselves~~~that is completely ridiculious!

try that one know....called REading! Educate yourselves! Segregation ended 30 years ago, oppression and racism is still a prevalant disease...Inequality is not an accident ! That bridge between St. Joe and Benton Harbor is a symbol to mirror the way our society operates.

Benton Harbor needs help from the outside..what is wrong with the cities surrounding Benton Harbor!!!!! You are letting those people suffer! It disgusts me completely.

from a sociological perspective ( facts )Where there is poverty there is crime. So Everyone ( always ignorant white people )

say black communites has more crime becuase they are a culture that is predisposed to act as criminals.....NO!

These are opressed people that STATISTICALLY still do not have equal opportunites in america.
I'm talking about numbers~not just my personal opinion.

They were pushed to the same poverty induced regions~~just like the Native Americans...and then left to deteriorate.

It is not an accident that minorites are in poverty. That was systemic and purposeful placement by the white men that have had power over this country for all of these years...

So For those of you that want to just let "Benton Harbor Self-destruct "

You are ignorant and not educated to the least. You are a disgrace to what this country even stands for.

This is why I wept when barack Obama became president.

Now my daughter who is also white ( which shouldn't even matter! )
Will not have to know the same racism and inequality that I have had to experience in my life. We are one step closer to all being brothers and sisters..... .

This is what this country says it represents but doesn't...

This is why Benton rabor is the way it is...that is why New orleans was left to drown....

these are the facts. .. ..

If you don't agree ..

then you need to start reading a little more.

The numbers are the proof, our history books are the proof.

So, to you anonymous who wants to, "leave Benton Harbor to self-desctruct"

I feel sorry for you ~~
You obviously do not have the capacity to understand anything outside of the little box you have constructed around yourself.