Rev. Pinkney Arrested AGAIN, supporters: Lynn Stewart, Voice Of Detroit, EXPOSED,

What's really happening to the people of Benton Harbor:
The thrust [of the Berrien county courthouse] is to physically remove and destroy families through the use
of the criminal justice system. Every person they can put in jail; every person whose voting rights they can
revoke with a felony conviction; every person they can cause to lose their job by putting them on probation;
every person they can cause to lose the ability to pay for basic necessities through imposing ruinous court
costs and probation is all part of the process. In the 1960s, it was called Negro removal. In Bosnia, it was
called ethnic cleansing. It could be called genocide, the removal of the minority population for the purpose
of redevelopment of the land. That’s what’s happening in Benton Harbor and the foremost leader
of the resistance is Rev. Edward Pinkney. --Civil rights attorney, Hugh "Buck" Davis

Monday, October 13, 2008

Imprisoned Rev. Pinkney runs for U.S. Congress

Published Oct 9, 2008 9:04 PM

By Andrea Egypt, Detroit

Rev. Edward Pinkney

Rev. Edward Pinkney

Rev. Pinkney won the nomination even though Berrien County’s criminal justice system has locked him away on a 3-to-10-year prison sentence. The reverend is Benton Harbor’s community activist and minister for the oppressed and dissident African-American, Latin@ and white populations.

Despite his imprisonment, Rev. Pinkney remains defiant and vigilant against the ruling elites of this southwest Michigan community.


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Anonymous said...

I see BANCO’s admiration for the Workers World in the posted link. History validates their proposed results. After all, the Nazi’s (NSDAP) were a Socialist Democratic party. According to Nazi propaganda, the Jews thrived on fomenting division amongst Germans and amongst states (classes). The Jews were also described as plutocrats EXPLOITING THE WORKER. “As socialists we are opponents of the Jews because we see in the Hebrews the incarnation of capitalism, of the misuse of the nation’s goods.”

BANCO advocates their version of democratic-socialism with the same type of zeal, accusations, hatred, and propaganda as those party members of the NSDAP.

Why is the communist “Workers World” supporting his false religion? I thought Marxism beliefs were that there was no god? Oh, that’s right…Pinkney god is Marxism and BANCO’s bible is the Communist Manifesto. He was the Associate Pastor for a Baptist Church, which has to be similar in nature and attitude to the Westboro Baptist Church. Westboro members distort the scriptures for their own hate agenda. I find it hard to believe that none of the local members, and particularly the Senior Pastor, called him out for misquoting the scriptures. You have to wonder what he was preaching?