Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Can Michigan, Especially Berrien Cty., Learn From California?

Article Excerpt: "Prop. 36 has been a huge success. What all the research tells us is that treatment can be even more successful at cutting recidivism and prison spending. That’s why Prop. 5 is on the ballot."

California's Prop. 5 Will Save Lives and Money
Alternatives to Incarceration


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Anonymous said...

There was a large percentage of offenders specified in this article that were “referred and untreated” or “entered but did not complete” the program. It appears there was some cherry picking (results of Proposition 36 participants were only those offenders who wanted to participate). Fifty percent had never received treatment. If a person doesn’t want to change, then these opportunities are worthless. I suspect that many in the court system aren’t interested in changing. I suppose a person with a substance abuse problem could go on his or her own accord or with family encouragement to Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, the Health Department, Community Healing Center, or the methadone clinic. Why is it that people wait until the government has to intervene and then they complain? It appears that the Berrien County Court refers its drug offenders to treatment on a routine basis. So what is BANCO’s gripe? BANCO supports drug abuse as stated in other main postings of this blog. This whole promotion of rehabilitation is contrary to BANCO’s core belief system in that substance abuse is okay and the police need to quit picking on the abusers/dealers.