Monday, September 29, 2008

Reflections on Conservative Scapegoating

Racism as Reflex
By TIM WISE September 29, 2008

Last paragraph of an excellent article:

"So there you have it: white conservatives who simply cannot bring themselves to blame rich white people for anything, and who consistently fall back into old patterns, blaming the poor for poverty, black and brown folks for racism, anybody but themselves and those like them. That anyone takes them seriously anymore when they prattle on about "personal responsibility" is a stunning testament to how racism and classism continue to pay dividends in a nation whose soil has been fertilized with these twin poisons for generations. Unless the rest of us insist that the truth be told--and unless we tell it ourselves, by bombarding the folks who send us their hateful e-mails with our own correctives, thereby putting them on notice that we won't be silent (and that they cannot rely on our complicity any longer)--it is doubtful that much will change."


jim crow said...

William X! Where are you ole buddy? I really miss our insightful discussions!

Surely you haven't given up, have you?

Anonymous said...

Good intentions don't equal good results. Liberals promoted welfare a state. This is just institutional slavery by keeping people in their place. What better way to destroy initiative than providing freebies. The fall of democracy is when people realize they can vote themselves entitlements.

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