Rev. Pinkney Arrested AGAIN, supporters: Lynn Stewart, Voice Of Detroit, EXPOSED,

What's really happening to the people of Benton Harbor:
The thrust [of the Berrien county courthouse] is to physically remove and destroy families through the use
of the criminal justice system. Every person they can put in jail; every person whose voting rights they can
revoke with a felony conviction; every person they can cause to lose their job by putting them on probation;
every person they can cause to lose the ability to pay for basic necessities through imposing ruinous court
costs and probation is all part of the process. In the 1960s, it was called Negro removal. In Bosnia, it was
called ethnic cleansing. It could be called genocide, the removal of the minority population for the purpose
of redevelopment of the land. That’s what’s happening in Benton Harbor and the foremost leader
of the resistance is Rev. Edward Pinkney. --Civil rights attorney, Hugh "Buck" Davis

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Debs quote

Eugene Debs noted that "the nets of American courts are set to catch minnows and let the whales go free." We utterly fail to recognize the full extent of the American Criminal Class. Welcome a step further into the Orwellian nightmare of socialism for the rich, capitalism for the poor.

(Today, the Debs quote is relevant to the enormous heist going on, but has specific meaning for Berrien County officialdom behavior.)

The Bi-Partisan Origins of the Financial Crisis
Shattering the Glass-Steagall Act
By William Kaufman

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Anonymous said...

Deb, please explain your comment, "socialism for the rich, capitalism for the poor."

Wasn’t the subprime lending targeting those with poor credit histories (primarily the poor) to encourage them to buy their own home? I believe that is why most Senators voted in favor of the bill mentioned. Another social experiment that failed.

According to Freddie Mac web site on Subprime Lending: A subprime loan is one offered to people who have problems with their credit. The loan's interest rate is higher than the prevailing rate available to those with exemplary credit histories. The higher rate is imposed because of the additional risks involved in lending to someone with poor credit or without a financial track record.
Subprime loans are sometimes a legitimate way to help people with poor or no credit to become homeowners. In these cases, subprime loans can be the best way to get capital where it is needed most. Financial experts widely regard subprime lending as a powerful economic development tool that also helps families rebuild their credit ratings or establish a credit history.”