Saturday, December 01, 2007


December 12th, 2007 at 8pm,Rev Ed Pinkney will be special
program guest on Brother WilliamX Blogtalk's radio program
RIGHTS TO BE HEARD. This is a worldwide broadcast on the
internet, but callers will be able to call into the program by
calling the program's toll-free number 1(646) 716-8675.

To be able to hear the program visit
Once you are on the site scroll down to where you see the mike, and
highlight the mike. This program is a special feature of the National
Community Actions Coalition. Who has headquarters in Augusta Ga,
and RIGHTS TO BE HEARD is a blogtalk radio program creation of the
Midwest CAC Regional chapter. Where Brother WilliamX, is the newly
appointed regional director.

Thanks, Sister Michelle Vann, who is the National CAC director. For
allowing the RIGHTS TO BE HEARD broadcasted worldwide, and for
a rewarding two hours of information tune into the broadcast Dec 12th,
8pm - 10pm to support Rev Pinkney's fight against Unfair justice.

(*** The toll-free numbers is for those who would like to call in***)


William said...

Thank You Rev/Sister Mary, for adding this bit of information
to this site. As many of you know
that I am a firm supporter of Rev
Pinkney, and having him to appear
on the WakeUpCall new program
topic Unfair Justice is a honor.

The general overall rule in the
struggling fight not
never forget those who support
you, and those who you support.

The program will be aired national
and worldwide, and as the producer
of this program I see it as a way
for Rev Pinkney's fight to be heard
around the world.

Everyone who will call in will not
be able to get on the air. However
for those who might be able to get
through. Once we acknowledge your
area code. State who you are, and
what city or town you are calling

Rev Ed, I suggest that you get a
nice cold glass of water to keep your throat from getting dry(smile) because you will have one
hours and 57 minutes to talk.

The first twenty five minutes will
be small talk with Rev Pinkney,and
then after a short break we will
accept call-ins.

(wild phone calls with be cut off
quick) Show your support by calling in, and if not go to the
website,plus each person who will tune in a number will show the rating of listeners.

Bro WilliamX Akbar

marie said...

The answer is relentless passion that propels us all to support one another at all cost.We support you.

Marie Crouch

WilliamX said...

******Four More Days To Go******

I do hope that many of you will
be able to visit the WakeUp Call
radio website to hear Rev Pinkney,
and remember this program is going
worldwide from Benton Harbor by
the way of Augusta Ga.

Some of us talk a good game when it
comes to giving support, but in some cases the talk is hot air,and
yet once a situation hits homebase
everyone is needed.

The WakeUp Call segment will be
The Rights To Be Heard. Hosted
by Sister Michelle (Augusta Ga),
and yours truly Brother WilliamX.

Remember Wednesday night, Dec 12th
at 8pm. Goto Then just
highlight the mike to listen to the
program live on the air.

To call in to talk on the air dial
the toll free number on the website.