Monday, December 31, 2007


(from California)

Reverend Edward Pinkney of Benton Harbor, Michigan, spent Christmas in jail this year when his probation was revoked for quoting Deuteronomy 28 in a newspaper article.

On Thursday, December 20, Judge Alfred Butzbaugh ruled that the quotation from Moses was inflammatory and threatening and therefore a violation of Rev. Pinkney’s probation.

Rev. Pinkney is a longtime community leader in the Benton Harbor area and an outspoken opponent of corporate oppression of the poor. He was convicted earlier this year of “voter fraud” in a hotly contested trial that many viewed as racially motivated and riddled with constitutional irregularities.

Judge Butzbaugh has made the profound error of confusing Biblical law and prophecy with human threats. Without exception, the role of Biblical law and prophecy is to point out the very serious divine consequences for sinful and disobedient behavior.

In his newspaper article, Rev. Pinkney stated that he believes the Judge’s actions are contrary to God’s commandments. He then quotes from Deuteronomy 28: 15-16, 18, 22, and 45 to warn him of the consequences of his actions according to the Word of God. (The article appeared in the November issue of the Peoples Tribune.

At no time did Rev. Pinkney state, suggest, or imply that he, Rev. Pinkney, would commit any of these actions. Indeed, the idea that a human being can cause another to be cursed by God or to be smitten with consumption, fever, and inflammation is a far-fetched and bizarre interpretation.

Furthermore, Rev. Pinkney clearly states that none of these evils will come to pass if Judge Butzbaugh “hearkens unto the voice of the Lord thy God to observe and do all that is right.” So if Judge Butzbaugh is obedient to God he has nothing to worry about.

The Mosaic law and virtually every prophet in the Bible – Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Jonah to name a few – repeatedly predict dire consequences for those who disobey God. Even Jesus often uses highly inflammatory language and warns us starkly to “repent or perish”. The Apostle Paul teaches that we will reap what we sow. These are profound Biblical truths.

To throw someone in jail for simply pointing them out is a fearful assault on the religious rights of every American.

We are asking anyone concerned with the religious freedom aspect of this case write letters of support for Rev. Pinkney and send them to his attorney at the following address before January 4:

Hugh M. Davis, Constitutional Litigation Associates, P.C., 450 West Fort Street, Suite 200, Detroit, Michigan, 48226. Phone: 313-961-2255; Fax: 313-961-5999; email:

We also especially encourage Biblical scholars who can further explain the issues in this case and would like to testify or write a support statement to contact the attorney as well.

Sandy Perry
CHAM Deliverance Ministry
San Jose, California


Anonymous said...

This is an interesting comment with a twist to justify Pinkney behavior. Deuteronomy 28 deals with the nation of Israel and their disobedience. This is the old covenant (Old Testament). The New Testament deals with the Church (body of believers). Pinkney just plucked passages and modified the Word of God to fit his personal agenda. This is similar to the Robert Tilton Ministries preying the on poor and greedy through the prosperity gospel. Remember that most first century Christians were poor but rich in spirit. The Lord’s Prayer only states that we are to ask for basic sustenance (i.e., daily bread) and that His will be done. Asking for a curse is not within the New Testament. Those outside the Church are already judged and we require no other actions other than to recognize and avoid worldly corruption. 1 Corinthians 15:33 states, “Be not deceived: Evil companionships corrupt good morals.”

Anonymous said...

Just because something is in the Bible doesn't mean it cannot be made a threat. I think it says more about the fake reverend than it does the judge. The fake reverend used God's words to threaten someone.


Anonymous said...

Reverend David Koresh and Reverend Jim Jones quoted from the Bible too. They had a distorted view for their own agenda and power. They were armed to the teeth and paranoid. A couple of fake reverends.


Anonymous said...

Pickney's dwindling band of followers must possess an amazing ability to ignore the obvious: that Ed "The Phony" Reverend is simply out to take their money, and he'll threaten, lie, cheat, and steal to do it. And now, he's using the Bible in the most sacrilegious way -- as a basis to threaten and no doubt cause harm.

Any Christian would find the fake "reverend"'s use of the Bible in this manner extremely offensive.


WilliamX said...

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Anonymous said...

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Zero Books said...

The larger issue is one of Free Speech. What right does this Judge have to limit the Reverends right to self expression. Reverend Pinkney was not yelling fire in a crowded movie house. He was expressing his opinion in regard to an elected official.

Anonymous said...

He was threatening a public official which is not a protected right.

Also he wasn't charged with a crime, he was give the privelege of serving his JAIL sentence at home. He threatened the judge so he got that privelege revoked. That is a pretty simple thing. When he was put on tether he was explained in detail what was required of him. He is just serving his original sentence.

Though he does have to face the music for his threat in court for what he said. His probation officer says it was a violation of his probation he says it isn't. The court will decide later.

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