Saturday, December 16, 2006

Does anyone know anyone like Rev. Pinkney?

Do you know of many African-American adults who stood in protest of the worst racism in any courthouse in Michigan every Tuesday, rain or blizzarding snow for FIVE years? With judges who drink on the job? Where judges work closely with cops, prosecutors, and defense attorneys in order to convict as many as possible (many innocent)?

And NOBODY reports on? (except the People's Tribune)

Read on a bit for a brief summation of where Pinkney's at with his "trial", and for the date we're needed to be there (in bold). Please plan to attend. Bring everyone you know. We may not be out there on the front lines of protest, but we sure can support those who are.

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1. On November 3, 2006, Reverend Edward Pinkney made a motion for a continuance in his re-trial for "voter fraud." (The first trial ended in a hung jury.) These charges are an outcome of his leadership in the Benton Harbor, Michigan democracy struggle against the take over of the town by Whirlpool Corporation and the developers. Rev. Pinkney's motion was heard before Judge Alfred Butzbaugh, a known corrupt judge who fought to convict him.

2. The Court ordered the transcript of Rev. Pinkney's first trial, but at the expense of Rev. Pinkney who had to put up his home as collateral. It is unknown when the transcript will be available for his counsel, Hugo Davis, who moved for a continuance of the trial date of January 9, 2007 to March 13, 2007 because the court failed to produce the transcript in a timely matter. The motion was granted.

3. On December 12, 2006, Rev. Pinkney's attorney filed a motion for a Direct Verdict to Squash the Information and to dismiss counts three to five of his charges. These counts are in violation of Rev. Pinkney's constitutional rights/due process. The statute of being in possession of absentee ballots creates a felony offense, but there was no evidence presented at the preliminary examination that showed that Rev. Pinkney had any knowledge that it was illegal to possess and /or deliver absentee ballots.

Everyone's support is needed at a very important hearing on several constitutional issues on January 25, 2007 at 9am at the Berrien County Courthouse, 811 Port Street in St. Joseph, Michigan. Whether or not to drop charges against Pinkney will be decided.

4. On November 9, 2006, Rev. Pinkney went to Lansing for the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund Board of Trustees, a special meeting to challenge Whirlpool and their take over of Benton Harbor. Rev. Pinkney spoke for the people in Benton Harbor -- with its 70% unemployment, and where 90% of the people live below the poverty level. He asked what a city like Benton Harbor with so much poverty would want with a 18-hole golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus, a boat launch, and about 30 homes that cost about one million dollars each, built on city property. As we go to print (The People's Tribune: the City Council is voting on the golf course. This could be the last stand, but the battle will continue for the people of Benton Harbor to keep their city.

Rev. Pinkney is available to speak through Speakers for a New America. Call 800-691-6888, email or visit

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WilliamX Akbar said...

Rev Ed Pinkney, is indeed a one in a million, and he's one of my closes friends. The Rev is just like I am in so many ways, and he will not allow nothing to hold him back. The Brother talks about racism and discrimination to all peoples of colors, due to the fact that he's dealing with them both in Benton Harbor, and I say to you my Brother keep up the fight cause the victory is near. So in closing my Brother, from Detroit & Highland Park we are sending you our love