Friday, September 15, 2006

Tim Wise in Grand Rapids, October 11

This increasingly well-known and sought after anti-racism speaker and writer will be giving a talk in Grand Rapids on October 11. If you go to his website,, you can get the details. He has spoken in 48 states and on over 400 college campuses. He has trained teachers as well as corporate, government, media, and law enforcement officials on methods for dismantling institutionalized racism and has served as a consultant for plaintiff's attorneys in federal discrimination cases in NY and Washington state. One of his books is "White Like Me."
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jim crow said...

Elizabeth, I went to Mr. Wise's web site. He presents a lot of facts which if taken alone would lead one to conclude that racism is not only alive and well, but increasing. I found it bit distressing that he offered no solutions.

So, for the sake of this discussion, I will agree that racism is a fact of life in Berrien County. In return I would like the following questions answered:

1. What three practical things can be done differently to reduce or eliminate racist behavior day-to-day here in our county?

2. Many readers of this blog have stated that the current members of the county legal system (judges, prosectors, and court appointed lawyers, police administrators) should be removed from the positions they now hold. If that were to happen, within say 30 days, who should be named to replace them? Please be particular and name the proposed replacements.

I am hoping for some sincere and rational responses other that "get a gun and let the war begin."

Anonymous said...

Sincere and rational responses?

If you are looking for that type of response, you are simply in the wrong place.

Big Willie, Fake Rev. Ed, and the rest of the idiots behind BANCO live here. There IS NO rational response, and there is DEFINITELY no sincerity or common decency involved in anything they do.

Anonymous said...

The first step;is for white Americans,to stop thinking you are superior to Blacks,Hispanic Americans,Asian Americans,Native Americans,because you are not!

Admit racism is alive and well in berrien county,and the country.Then tell all your friends judges,prosecutors,attorneys and law enforcement you will not practice racism any more

We must confront them not by offering lofty abstractions,sterile policy statements or a saccharine celebration of multicultural relativism,but instead by giving us practical sane intelligent and
heartfelt advice


The Question said...

Of course there is racism in Berrien County, there is racism everywhere. It is not however limited to the white race despite the drivel that pours from Time Wise's essays.

Racism CAN work both ways. Blacks in Benton Harbor (and no I am not lumping every black in this category, but many do feel this way) feel that whites are all racist and therefore evil. It would seem that this website is EXTREMELY racist. According to this site there are NO good judges, NO good juries, NO good lawyers, NO good cops, etc.

Interestingly enough for such a violent city per capita, according to this website there are also no criminals. When riots break out they are caused by the white man.

They are caused by organizations like Banco that perpetuate the vision that young blacks CAN'T rise above their parents. That they CAN'T move and get decent jobs. It perpetuates the feelings that the government support checks are their due because 150 years ago ancestors of theirs MIGHT have been slaves.

This organization exists to cause trouble. It does NOTHING to help. Court watching? If there is as much going on as you claim MR. Pinkney then if you wished to help then you would be taking notes. Every day.

Weekly then you would send copies of your findings to the state attorney general and the federal attorney general AND the media outlets. If 1/10 of what you claim was happening was happening something would be done about it.

The corruption would be taken down for no other reason than it would make one helluva a story and a great movie.

The problem you face is the same one you will face during your trial. The truth. Your enemy.

Anonymous said...

In America you will witness skin hate everywhere,even in places you
would least expect to find it.You
will be shocked.Thousands of crimes of racial hate are reported nationally each year,and many more go unreported.Hate are active in all fifty regions of this nation.Hatred is expressed among all skin colors but appears to be keenest between the very light-skinned descendants of enslavers [immigrants from a continent known
as Europe who are commonly referred to as white]and the very dark -skinned descendants of the previously mentioned African slaves,commonly called black.The hateful behaviors vary;People are attacked and killed,sometimes even castrated and hanged by the neck,places of worship burned,property defaced,telephone
threats made,e-mail threats made,
anger expressed in broadcast message;customers refused service.
even children are ridiculed or treated with public cruelty due to
skin color.Curiously,many Americans will share a home with a creature not of their species, yet
refuse to inhabit space near a human of a different skin color.


The Question said...

People who choose to hate will hate. They will find a reason. Some use race, some use gender, some use sexual orientation and others use religion.

It is sad, but it is true. This website fosters hate of a different kind. It promotes the hatred of authority figures. The logic of this web site is that if things are not good then the people in charge are to blame.

Let's examine this, shall we? There is a certain logic to this, it is limited to be sure, but it does make sense on the surface. If things are bad then it MUST be the people who control things screwing it up. The problem with this theory is that anyone who tries to fix things will immediately be blamed for the problems and be ineffective in fixing things simply because the people are working against them.

It is a viscious circle, things are bad so they blame the system, the system tries and fix things and they get worked against because it is thought that they are the cause of the problems in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Skin-hater tend to avoid any
personal contact with the resented,
other that might change their beliefs.At the most extreme,they not only dislike those they have targeted,but also actively prevent themselves from liking them.they associate only with their own kind.So that their only contact with the hated skin is through
physical attack or legal procedure.
This enables whites to hate instead of hating actual humans.The cycle continues with the help of the system.


The Question said...

So are you saying (if I can understand you properly) that you would advocate instead a forced mixing of races?

They did that. Forced bussing for 10+ years at Coloma schools. The end result was that crime at Coloma went up. That isn't to say a LOT of Benton Harbor students who just wanted a better education came to Coloma, but a lot of kids that were kicked out of Benton Harbor were ALSO bussed to Coloma.

The only thing that will help Benton Harbor is if the people of Benton Harbor get fed up with the crime and start calling the police and testifying.

If you see a crime report it. Period.

On this site alone Pinkney claims to have seen dozens of crimes, yet he reports none of them. If anything he said was true then I can see being afraid of the local police, but the media? The state police? The FBI?

jim crow said...

Well folks, it has been a whole week since I posed the questions. No reply from Elizabeth, big willie, or most notablby Ed Pinkney. David Smith wrote some disjointed stuff that did not answer the questions posed. Same for Charles Jacobs and Ron.

I can only conclude that those who constantly complain and proclaim bias do so just to hear the off-key music they make. They have no solutions other than anarchy.

At the very least, I would have expected a Christian minister to offer some direction from the teachings of Jesus. All we have is silence. I guess it's kind of hard to teach something you know nothing about.

The second part of my request was for a list of people who could do a better job than the ones who are the targets of BANCO. It appears there is no one who would do things any differently.

Lastly, this is to all the out-of-town contributors to this blog who know little about the area: the Benton Harbor City Commision, the mayor, the chief of police, and the majority of the school board are black. That has been the case for over 25 years. The Benton Township board members are black except for one member.

Following the logic (such as it is) of BANCO, all the racist problems are caused by local government failing to act to stop it. So, the reason we have all these problems is the fault of the very people who are complaining about it. And they have no solution other than to start a race war.

Ed never has disclosed the name of the church he heads or its' location.

Why is that?

Anonymous said...

There is a understandable shortage of sympathy in the
African -American community
for the problems of American
whites.for every white tale about suffering westbound homesteaters,there is a black story of horribly abused slaves who owned nothing.For every white complaint of muggings,there are blacks accounts of lynchings for every white layoff,there are five jobs that never exist in African-American
neighborhoods in the first place. there are many wrong convictions.judges, prosecutors,attorneys,police violations against blacks.When do it stop;jim crow and your buddy don`t you know the people see right thur you. Rev Pinkney i love what you do,keep up the great work.

Sandra Goldberg

Anonymous said...


Jim and the question have not complained about wrongs that occurred to whites.

They, like a few others who post here, seem to be searching for a solution. However, no one with BANCO seems to offer any logical solution to the problems that exist.

To be honest with you, as a Benton Harbor resident, I don't see the problems that are claimed to occur.

I think the police are doing a great job, considering what they deal with on a daily basis, and also considering the ratio of criminals to officers in the City of Benton Harbor.

Sandra, all I can say to you is it is time now to start living in the now, instead of the past.

In order for a society to function properly, it can't turn its head to criminal activity. Speak out and call the police. There will inevitibly be more jobs if the crime rate continues to decrease, because more businesses will move to Benton Harbor.

But if people sit back and watch dope dealers and other criminals do their dirt, and do nothing about it, then it is they who are to blame for the end result, because all of it could have been prevented by a simple anonymous phone call to the police.

It's time to make a change, Sandra.

Anonymous said...

Minorities are more likely than whites to be imprisoned and pulled over by traffic police.Law enforcement agencies treat whites
and people of color in separate and
unequal ways.The leadership conference on civil rights released this report called justice on trial racial disparities in the American criminal justice system.Which chronicle,what the group calls the systematic and unfair treatment of blacks,hispanics and other minorities.The group said in a statement.Wade Henderson,the group`s executive director,said the findings show that u.s lawmakers need to reexamine their approaches to criminal justice.My only question ,how do you,lying scums,judges, prosecutors,court-appointed attorneys and badge wearing gutless law enforcement officers sleep at night.HOW DO YOU LOW -LIFE SCUMS SLEEP AT NIGHT PLEASE TELL THE WORLD.


jim crow said...

Well Sandra, it looks like BANCO needs to get bigger t-shirts. So you can add the judges from the Michigan State Court of Appeals to the list.

Willie DePriest was found guilty of several crimes committed during the riots in 2004. Among other things he shot a gun at police officers and missed. Instead he wounded a young black woman who was trying to flee the violence.

Mr. DePriest claimed in appealing his conviction that: the local judge made several improper comments to the jury, made other decisions that were unfair nad improper; that there wasn't enough evidence presented to convict him; that there was misconduct by the prosecutor; last, that his court-appointed attorney was not doing a proper job.

The court of appeals reviewed that trial and the evidence, then ruled that Mr. DePriest was wrong; all of his claims were denied and his conviction and sentence were upheld.

Does this mean that the evil racist conspiracy reaches all the way to Lansing?

Sandra, maybe your best bet is to pack your bags and leave; go to wherever it is you thing things are better.

When you get there, send us a postcard.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Crow;is it time for you and your family to change your racist way`s.before the conflict start;I can tell by your writing you are a born coward,loser,probably one of the dumb judges,maybe a dumb prosecutor,or even one of the dumb court -appointed attorney`s who has stolen millions of dollars from the people in berrien county with the help of the county commissioners maybe they are getting a kick back from the court-appointed attorneys.There is no check and balance.I am calling for
a federal investigation in berrien county,you stop racist by cleaning
up berrien county court house,judges on down.

Willie Mitchell

Anonymous said...

hey, is that you big willie??? changing your name??? you're still an idiot!

Anonymous said...

Hate is a set of worming gears out there as big as the world it constantly ,mindlessly grinds at blacks men and women,reduces them to wounded flesh,spit them forth as skin desperadoes.and some of them want to hurt you;They live among us and which in us.Some carry live ammunition.You have to stand up and fight,for what is right.
i am sick of berrien county.Racist group of people;;i am with you;;;;

Sussan Kohn

The Question said...

Uh... what? None of that made a bit of sense. Your last line read "Racist group of people;;i am with you;;;;"

I assume you are neither for nor against Pinkney. What are you for exactly? Cause after reading that I am picture dueling banjoes and the cast from Deliverance.

WilliamX Akbar said...

The Question said... Riots are caused by organizations like Banco that perpetuate the vision that young blacks CAN'T rise above their parents. That they CAN'T move and get decent jobs. It perpetuates the feelings that the government support checks are their due because 150 years ago ancestors of theirs MIGHT have been slaves.

Well question, I am sure that the contents of the above post was taught to you in church. However here's my reply to your racist ass. I find it straight that there is many whites who fight along with Blacks.They fight for a better education,they fight for equal justice.They fight against racism,and yet there is fruitcakes who is always b*&^hing about something like yourself.Sure racism is alive & well here in 2006,and it will always be alive as long as there's crackheads like you and the undercover fag Jim Crow the 3rd who keep s**t going.There in Berrien County there will never be nothing done to change racism,and yes I agree racism does work both ways.However most racist incidents happen from the white side of your so-called American History. The majority of the hate crimes was committed by whites,and now that Blacks is fighting back its intiminidating against whites.In closing here's a example of white hate. White hate destoryed many churchs,homes,and black businesses in the south,and many died it happened to my family.The 1960's roits bought about a charge believe me,and yet it only gave rebirth to the Skinheads,the Jim Crow generation,and the undercover whites like Jim Crow the 3rd.The bottom line is if a matter isn't solved in a mature fashion,then the next step should be taken. More yet to come from me.