Wednesday, August 16, 2006

How the Government Manipulated the War on Drugs to Create a Slave Prison Market

By Rev. Edward Pinkney

Beware, poor Blacks, Hispanics, whites -- and all the have-nots. Each of you out there better start keeping your mind on your freedom and your freedom on your mind. UNICOR is the proud symbol of a government owned corporation for the prison industry with 100 or more factories operating inside Federal prisons. The CEO of UNICOR and Congress get cheap labor from 23 cents to $1.15 per hour from factory working inmates. Are they from South Africa? No! from Cuba? No! from Mexico? No! The inmates come from poor communities scattered across this nation. When translated, this means that a whole lot of poor Blacks, Hispanics, and whites, the have-nots, are in serious trouble, in life-threatening danger.

Inmates are one of this country's greatest assets. With the average Federal inmate serving time related to drug offices, inmates are becoming one of the government's most precious "drug law commodities." What makes this so scandalous is that it was orchestrated and systematically brought into existence through our nation's so-called "war on drugs," or what is actually, the Feds' counterfeit fake drug war.

In addition, minorities are 76% of the prison population while 79.5% of the government's judicial and Bureau of Prisons staff (judges, prosecutors, agents, counselors, nurses and prison guards,) are white. Is there any doubt that this is a clear-cut manifestation of institutionalized racism? How can they justify this?

Contrary to popular belief, the true agenda of the "war on drugs" was never to stop nor significantly curtail the large flow of illegal drugs entering the United States (which it failed to accomplish). Instead,the main objectives of the "war on drugs" were to:

1. Boost UNICOR profits by maximizing its inmate labor.
2. Create a large and long term viable job market for the primary benefit of American capitalists.
3. Achieve these objectives at the primary and immediate expense of America's poor population: Blacks, Hispanics, and poor whites.

All three of these politically tyrannical goals have been successfully accomplished. The State and Federal UNICOR prison industry is booming. Prison population has risen more than 1500% between 1981 and 2006.

With this in mind, you should now have a clear understanding as to the true reason behind our nation's long running and seemingly incurable illegal drug problem. Poor Blacks, Hispanics, whites and all you have-nots better start keeping your mind on your freedom and freedom on your mind.

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Anonymous said...

Well Pinkney, I suppose you should have first hand knowledge of that - remembering your stint in the slammer some time ago for what now - fraud? Stealing? Lying? Well, really now, it was all those was it not?

Looks like you may get another chance to visit the pokey again too - at least, we hope.

Anonymous said...

We can only hope this liar, cheater, and thief goes back to prison where he belongs.

JIM CROW said...

Well Ed, it looks like you've found a winner here! You can actually do the community some good, while at the same time giving the government the shaft!

Since you claim to have widspread support as a reformer and community leader, and your supporters on this blog seem to support that view, you have the chance to achieve some of your goals.

You need to get out and start an anti-drug use program. The article you posted would be the foundation. Just think of all that you could do:
1. You would stop or drastictly reduce drug use. Once the message is out that drug dealers are actualy lackeys for the the government run slave system, new users will be far and few between. Those folks that are currently users will begin serious efforts to stop.
2. As the pool of "drug slaves" goes down, there will be less need for prisons and we'll need fewer judges. Taxes will go down.
3. Crime will go down since those who steal to support the drug-man will not be needing him anymore. Insurance rates will go down.
4. The pool of clear-minded voters will increase; you might even get elected to some public office.

If you really care about this community you will at least try to get our kids away from the drug-man. If you message works, people might actually take you seriously.

Anonymous said...

He is right. thats how the guvnment keep us down. by controling the drugs. lets get our people off drugd. Then they wont contol us.

Dontae F

Anonymous said...

the war on drugs was design to destroy the people by the government,after a long cost study
the plan worked what is wrong with most of the people in this country,they are full of racist acts.i have lived in st joseph for forty years and you are the only person who has stood up to racism in berrien family will be cheering for you.


WilliamX Akbar said...

TO JIM CROW the Third and Clonies. I know that within your heart you is one happy camper that you can hide behind the internet.However believe me NOBODY gives a damn about what you think of a Black person who can defeat your butt kissing house spooks.Who are you to judge anyone with your coward asses? Yet white folks wants to scream,jump up & down,yelling what Blacks is doing to them after all these years whites have mistreated Blacks.This article is the perfect example of how the white man (not the government) uses drugs to destory the Black communities here in the United Snakes of Murders.I doult that Brother Ed will go to your slave plantation anytime soon. Because the Justice System there in Berrien county can't handle Rev Pinkney.So thereforth Jim Crow the Third and clonies keep coming up with lies to get Pinkney,but each time the plot backfire,and the trials keep getting confused,and the Judge and Prosecutor gets more red in the face each time.Keep up the good work Brother Ed,and regardless to what your past was you're a newborn person.