Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Court Appointed Attys: Anybody Can Do Their Job

If you are still using court appointed attorneys, I will be happy to provide you with those same services for nothing. This will include all of the following: ignoring all your phone calls and letters, ignoring family members badgering you to plead quilty to a crime you never commited, working to collaborate with prosecutors and judges against your best interest and, if you are in jail, postponing your court date over and over again until you plead quilty.

The Berrien county court appointed attorneys should be independent from political influence. However, in Berrien county the court appointed attorneys, prosecutors and judges are on the same team with the very same goal: convicting innocent poor people.
Over and over again we have seen the court appointed attorney not interviewing the client until the actual court appearance and then while actually in the courtroom! They seldom call or supeona witnsses for trial.

These court appointed attorneys are never supervised or systematically reviewed for quality and efficiency as mandated by national and locally applied standards--not in Berrien County.

Berrien County, MI is in constitutional chaos as the police, prosecutors, politicians and judges are using the machinery of government to execorably grind away at the those rights and liberties gauranteed to all Americans under the constitution and the Bill of Rights. In Berrien County agencies of the state will often arrest without warrant, spy without legal authority, imprison without charge and even kill without just cause or reason.

We urge our readers to take the Benton Harbor struggle into YOUR community and bring your community into Benton Harbor. In this way we can begin building a broader awareness of what is at stake for everyone of us. Today they are coming for the poor and oppressed in Benton Harbor. Tomorrow they will be coming for you in the very same way: by denying your rights as American citizens. Hold the line. Stop them in Benton Harbor and take a step towards justice and a fair shake for us all.

Rev. Edward Pinkney
269-925-0001 anytime


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Anonymous said...

so are you saying ALL court-appointed attorneys are that bad? I know a few that do a pretty good job even in that system you feel is so bad....

Anonymous said...

client are never screened for eligibility in berrien county,the defense counsel is assigned and notified of the appointment whenever the court feel it is necessary two weeks later ,three weeks later,one of the court- appointed attorney told my son.that i said,his only mother, it was ok for him to plead guilty to something he did not do.
you call this justice.i want you to keep speaking out,we love you in benton harbor.


Anonymous said...

rev pinkney ;do you know ernest white,michael renfro,scott sanford
rodney fuller,this is a group of court-appointed attorney in berrien county who you do not want to represent you or your family.please help us down here in benton harbor ,my only son was railroaded by his own court-appointed attorney.who can we turn to we need help.


Anonymous said...

Rose - your son "railroaded" himself, when he broke the law and probably by you, when you failed him in his tender years as a parent. You and everyone else on this site simply choose to blame others while you should be looking inside instead.

Anonymous said...

shame on you ! remember every tongue will confess and every knee will the problem you have more acholics and drugs addicts in the courthouse than on the streets
judge tolen,judge wiley; tolen chrildren are really a piece of work,they would be in prison if there mother was not a you know the name dr wilson she was feeding almost everyone in the courthouse drugs at a discount.
shame on you ,maybe that is why the court appointed attorney`s do not defend there clients that they are paid to defend.what the court appointed attorney`s are doing is stealing money from the people,residents in berrien county.when will it stop;


Anonymous said...

court appointed attorney are not paid to practic law or defend clients there job is to railroad as many as possible in berrien county.99% of the people donot have a clue what is going on black and white,it is all about money;they do not care about you,you have judges who are sitting on the bench drunk.court appointed attorney help convict the innocent.


Anonymous said...

Good! I say, clean out the trouble-makers; let's see what Mr. Pinkney says:

Melee sparks racial allegations
NAACP official says police targeted blacks in Aug. 12 arrests at Idler restaurant
Melee sparks racial allegations
NAACP official says police targeted blacks in Aug. 12 arrests at Idler restaurant

H-PSouth Haven Bureau
SOUTH HAVEN — The Van Buren County Chapter of the NAACP is investigating allega­tions of racially motivated police misconduct in connection with an Aug. 12 melee at the Idler River­boat restaurant in South Haven.

Anonymous said...

the problem that exist in south haven is nothing compared to berrien county.a incident of that nature would never been reported in berrien county by the herald palladium newspaper.the city of st joseph have just as much crime,but the crime never get to the courthouse,or make the newspapers,ther is more drugs addicts in st joseph than in benton let clean up the judges prosecutor and court appointed attorney we can do this together,everybody

robert miller

Anonymous said...

How is it racial that when subjects fight in a bar with the police after they are called to remove one subject.

This is saying that if one commits a crime everyone can jump in to attack the police if they feel it is un just.

If the NAACP would worry more about the actually advancement then this would not be an issue. It seems like they are more interested in controversy and muckraking than helping the group they wish to help.

Anonymous said...

Every day many Americans commit crimes of which they are unaware.Many of the crimes with which Americans are charged are absurd.We have become a country that goes out of its way to imprison innocennt people while preaching democracy to the rest of the world.jailing the innocennt in berrien county; IS A VERY SERIOUS CRIME,REV PLEASE CONTINUE TO FIGHT THIS INJUSTICE IN BERRIEN COUNTY

Wilson Yerington

Anonymous said...

I think the court appointed attorneys do a great job.

If you don't want to be represented by a court appointed attorney, then get a job, and stay the hell out of trouble. There ARE drug addicts in BH and SJ. Who cares?

If you make bad choices, you pay the price. Do the crime, do the time. Why not do what's right and not worry about it?

Anonymous said...

How come all these poor railroaded defendants ca nafford their drugs but can't afford their own attorneys?

Anonymous said...

it is very painful,how the system work,watching courtappointed attorney`s who is stealing money from the people and white people are saying nothing,you go to any store and take pack of gum you are going to prison.white people in this country crying there is no more racism ,that is the biggest lie,just read this blog.this white racist guy.will end up in hell
let keep fighting ;and i will take my hat to you rev.the people around the country are very excited about your work.

beth goldberg

Anonymous said...

When the bill of rights was added to the constitution,its authors clearly intended to protect the rights of persons accused of crime.those simply stated protections have been continusly eroded over the past fifty years in berrien county.our concern has turned from seeking truth to seeking conviction,efforts are focusd on denying any further review.that why the sorry court appointed attorney`s do not defend the people but are paid to defend the people.i call that stealing,taking money and not giving service.let`s send all the court appointed attorney to prison and give them a taste of there on medicine.

William Shultz

Anonymous said...

Who's gone to prison for stealing a pack of gum? What county is that in? If that happened in Berrien County we wouldn't have half the problems we do.

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jim crow said...

Some of you watch too much television. You have no idea how the court-appointed attorney system works.

First you must understand that there are only a fixed number of court-appointed lawyers. Probably less than ten. The number of people asking for appointed lawyers is well over 700 a year.

A lawyer in private practice gets to decide if you hire him or not. If he finds that he has too many cases, he can tell you he won't take your case. If he thinks your case is weak he can refuse also.

Appointed lawyers don't have that luxury. They agreed to take all the defendants that the court assigns to them. So if they get someone with a weak case they have to take it. If they already have 20 or 30 cases to work on the they have to figure out how to divide up their time between all of them.

On television the lawyers have only one case and lots of help. Not at all like real life. Ed, even your lawyer who is being paid by you has more clients than just you. Is he spending ALL of his time on your case?

The reason there are only that many lawyers for the court to pick from is because they are there on a contract from the county. So if a couple lawyers get together and underbid the other, they get the contract.

If you want to see more/better court-appointed lawyers then you need to find them and and get them to bid on the county contract. If they say that the contract doesn't pay enough for the number of people they have to defend then you have only one choice.

The next time the contract comes up for bid, Ed and company need to pack the county board meetings and demand that they come up with the kind of money that will allow for enough court-appointed attorneys to be hired to properly defend the people who need them.

Anonymous said...

It is very painful to hear ,see people trying to defend court appointed attorney`s who are stealing money from the people,some have stolen for over ten are paid to do a job,if you can not do the job,do not take the money.think of all the familes the court appointed attorney`s have destoyed.if you can not due the job do not sign the contract. if you sign the contract and do not due the job you are stealing;;


Anonymous said...

court appointed attorney`s ernest
white ,michael refro,scott sanford
rodney fuller;this group should be ,can send to prison,for syealing the people money

Richard Goldstein

Anonymous said...

Rose -

"When will it stop"; When will what stop? What are you talking about?

"Shame on you"; on me? Hey, my parents raised me right - shame on you.

"..more acholics (sic) and drugs addicts in the courthouse than on the streets.."; Really - how do you know - please share specific detail. Even if that were true, you have them out on the streets, why not in the Courthouse too. Even if true, how does that impact how they do their jobs?

"tolen chrildren (sic)are really a piece of work,they would be in prison if there mother was not a judge" - again, how do you know? I worked with Judge Tolen for many years in her court. I personally know her children are well-educated and bright - I suppose that has nothing to do with one's skill or dedication as a parent?(that's sarcasim, in case you thought otherwise).

You seem to want to say that, for example, because Judge Tolen is a judge, she is powerful, and thus she personally held sway in keeping her children out of trouble - is that what you're saying? Maybe she was just a better parent than you. (probably true, as her children apparently did not face the same legal problems yours apparently did). Maybe she is more educated (this is probably true too, given your well-thought-out and spelled posts). (There I go with the sarcasim again).

Finally; "appointed attorney`s are doing is stealing money from the people" - how do you know? Did they steal from you - out of your pocket?

Listen, if you want to change the system, you have to study both sides. While I have been acrimonious (that means with a bitter tone, controversial, almost to the point of being rude) on this site - drawing your ire, which is good - that's because when you talk here - when you post, it is readily apparent you come at this debate from only your prospective. I on the other hand have personnally and professionally seen both sides of the law, of our legal system. I have great respect for our legal system. My being caustic - acrimonious - my not be very productive in and of itself, but it sure is fun.

So, why don't you start by reading the post above, by Mr. Jim Crow. As I recall, he is a fine lawyer himself. He knows inside the system. You may want to go to court on occasion, and see how things work. Mr. Pinkney would certainly approve of those field trips. Maybe work with other community organizations to get their perspective. Get involved in community government - attend county commission meetings and voice your opinion (after study and thought - no one is going to listen to what you are saying as long as you continue the one-track dialogue you do on this site).

Good luck Rose.


Anonymous said...

Today was a very sad day in berrien county courthouse.I decided to courtwatch today.I witness with my very own eye`s and i listen with my own ear`s a 15 year old boy stated that the court
appointed attorney scott sanford ,had told him his mother said it was ok for him to plea guilty.The mother was in court and she said she had never told her son to plea guilty,it is a court record.another shame display of berrien county justice.i had to see for myself.i wonder how many more,how many! WHEN DOIT STOP!!!


The Question said...

"When do it stop?"

When they stop commiting crimes of course.

It really is quite simple, don't break the law and the law will be nicer to you. As far as court appointed attorney's not doing their jobs. Give them something to work with. Show up to court dressed properly and clean. Be honest, if you sat in court, how many bothered to shower? How many were in pajamas? Curlers in their hair? Shorts?

It is silly of you to be that dishonest and one sided with your criticisms. Yeah the attorney probably did say that, but frankly he doesn't work for the mother and if the kid is guilty and gonna be found guilty by the evidence then his best bet is to plead guilty.

Anonymous said...

once again we see the racist white race trying to make excuses for other white who rob ,steal and do thing about this every knee will bow and every tongue will confess.GOD know everything and the people who lie,cheat and steal will burn in get ready to burn ,burn baby.your day is coming.ERNEST WHITE,MICHAEL REFRO,SCOTT SANFORD ,RODNEY FULLER

Rev MaF

Anonymous said...

"... burn ,burn baby.your day is coming.ERNEST WHITE,MICHAEL REFRO,SCOTT SANFORD ,RODNEY FULLER

This guy is nuts.

Anonymous said...

I will be sure to attend court as an "observer" pinkney, in September, to observe you when you are found guilty. ....

I will then have a big laugh.

Anonymous said...

Wow, another Reverend quoting scripture and then sentencing people to being "hellbound".

Must have gotten his preacher's license from the same place as Pinkney. (

Still can't wait for Pinkney's defeat in court.

Anonymous said...

I go to court almost everyday and I see folks that are on trial for a crime show up looking like crap. If you were shorts that hang down to your knees and hats that are on sideways and pants that stink and are sagging below your ass then you will get treated like an ass. Show up properly and show them that you care about being there and present yourself. And if you do not like the attorneys then get jobs and get better lawyers for yourselves. I mean get real folks you get what you dont pay for. And that is the lowest of the low. If you pay then you may get some better results. OR JUST DO NOT COMMITT CRIMES AND STAY OUT OF JAIL AND COURT..


Anonymous said...

The real criminal have rigged the game and strctured a gulag system that would make Stalin or Hitler brush with envy.


Anonymous said...

"brush with envy" -- ?

Learn to write.

WilliamX Akbar said...

You know what I thought of while sitting here at my PC reading this mess? (1): These court appointed atty's is student lawyers who is wishing for a big break,and I know that I know far more then one of these court appointed lawyers that Jim Crow the Third was assigned to so-call represent Rev Pinkney.As a matter of fact Rev Ed knows more about his rights then the Jim Crow's court appointed lawyer knows.This is the reason why its taking the court so long to build a case up against Rev Ed Pinkney. Because the is several crackhead witnesses who is confused,but not confused enough to lie,and in the court of law lying is a comtempted of court,and lying under oath which is a crime. So Jim be careful or you will be on the stand for jury tempering,and believe me I am going to prove personally that the Judge is your cousin,or is he your Father-in-Law? How much is Whirlpool paying the Barrien County court to bare false witnesses against Pinkney? Oh one more thing JIm the Third I work in the paralegal profession so I do know the backside and undercover moves. Later Gator Jim.