Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Judge Maloney supervises the racket of extortion, bribes, and extreme corruption in the Berrien County Courthouse

There is extreme corruption in the judiciary system in Berrien county. The main problem is that it doesn`t admit to the obvious: the corruption. You do not know about the corruption because the media doesn`t report it. They might admit to a single bad apple now and then, but bad apples are everywhere: on top of the barrel, in the middle, on the bottom.....everywhere. The media refuses to report it for what it is.

The legal system here has been created to be corrupt and to make injustice look normal. This is the uniqueness of the Berrien county legal system. It exists to make money for attorneys, judges, and the county. In order to do so, they created extortionist attorneys. The judge extorts the attorney. The attorneys comply with everything the judges ask - this can only be explained as extreme greed which has become an integral part of Berrien county's legal system.

Attorneys fear the judiciary because the system is built in this way...so they can be easily be extortable to the judge ...The judge can easily accept money from one party and extort the attorney of the party's opponent and then close a case without knowing or hearing anything about the facts or the law. People who believe that they come to a court to decide their case based on the facts and the law are terribly mistaken. It is a mecca of siphoning money to the attorneys, judges, and the county.

Congress is part of the problem. Most congressmen, like Fred Upton, are attorneys who are afraid of the judiciary system, afraid to be disbarred and sanctioned, and look forward to the time they are out of congress and free to join the corruption and make a buck for themselves. Therefore they cannot be part of the solution. Recent polls support my claim that show that most of Berrien county citizens believe that their congress reps., senators, and judges take bribes.

The Berrien county courthouse supervises the racket of extortion, bribes, and extreme corruption. The Berrien county judiciary is liable for damage and injuries to the people of Benton Harbor, Michigan, comparable to what Nazis inflicted upon Jews.


Anonymous said...

PROVE IT YOU MOROON... Do not post crap that you can not prove. please prove this.... You know what you can not... because it is not true... Everyone needs to make money and because you are not know one cares. If you cant prove it dont write it.

Anonymous said...

The insensitivity to the dignity of litigants who have appeared in berrien county courtrooms has brought the intergrity of the legal system into question.

a bar associate

Anonymous said...

corruption in berrien county is out of control,when will the stand and tell berrien county enough is enough,there is never achange without a conflict.please wake up people.

Joe Ryan

Anonymous said...

are u from another planet?

Anonymous said...

so does anyone have any thoughts about Judge Maloneys' nomination to the fed. bench>

Anonymous said...

gee - and all those years I practiced in Berrien County, where was that money? I never saw it - I must have missed that.....
Pinkney is from another planet.

Anonymous said...

you have gotten your share,mr attorney or should i say judge.
which one are you.the corruption is out of control in berrien county.how do you people sleep at night.wiley do not sleep he drinks all night

don hagenbush

Anonymous said...

judge paul maloney is a known racist.the type of law enforcement,bribery,coercion,false
testimony are common in berrien county under maloney leadership


Anonymous said...

to the guy or the gal or say proven it ,sorry it has already been proven.you are nothing but a group of money grabbing thieves.

Anonymous said...

Were is it proven you stupid idiot. Everyone needs to make money. It is like working for a living or a company building a buisness. When you pay for something that makes someone else money. So MCDONALDS is racist to right because they make money off of burgers. Here it is you people have just nothing better to do than bitch and complain all the time because you have no money or just the mere fact that you have been in the system because you made bade choices. The courts need money to work and the lawyers got their jobs because they choose to work for a living.. Dont hate just appreciate. Other than that shut the F%^& up.

The Question said...

Ok, first of all apologies are due for my lateness in responding to this. Seems like there has been a need for reasonable discourse.

"The Berrien county judiciary is liable for more damage and injuries to the people in Benton Harbor, Michigan than the Nazis to the Jews."

That is an aboslutely horrible and irresponsible comment. I wasn't aware that Berrien County had gas chambers. I wasn't aware that it was tatooing numbers on people to keep track of them. What kind of imbecile makes such an inflammatory comment without stating ANY proof.

This is the weirdest thing you have said yet. Have you been check recently by Riverwood Mr Pinkney? I am starting to think you might be delusional. It would explain a lot.

If all this is true, give us an example. I am certain someone who is falsely imprisoned would LOVE to get his story out there. Or perhaps one of the families of the people murdered in the gas chambers.

Anonymous said...



JIM CROW said...

I think Ed just posted this to see if anyone was still reading this blog. The months since his near-conviction for vote fraud seemed to have taken a lot of wind out of his sails!

Ed, if this crap is true, then your fund-raising efforts for your up-coming trial must be to pay for bribes. Please tell us who is going to get how much.

In your fantasy of a dew days ago, you said that jurors in your trial were offered bribes by the prosecutor and/or police. Which jurors were approached? Call a news conference and have them step up to the camera and say it. Then something would have to be done.

Anonymous said...

A people victory was declared in Benton Harbor struggle for justice.the power structure of St Joseph was dealt a might blow in the struggle for justice.despite the whirlpool `s tight grip on the city ,the people took a stand against corruption and won.a tremendous victory for the city of Benton Harbor.with all the resources the berrien county had they had missed the victory.
i told my husband that corrupt system will never get another chance.


Anonymous said...

Pinkney - you are sad testiment to the power of free speech. Comparing Berrien County to Nazi Germany? You need to explain yourself and your outrageous rhetoric. I have appeared before maloney many times, with lots of clients, and have always, always found him to be fair. He applies the law to any case I have had before him fairly. There are good lawyers and bad, a judge can only do what the law allows, and the evidence shows. This I have seen, first-hand, from inside the system. You, on the other hand, choose only to mock and speak falsehoods. You claim race in an attempt to gain favor yourself - contributions towards your own defense. You throw a race card, when no race issue exists. You run to simply yell "racism" instead of making positive change.

The question on your legal case - whether you manipulated voters in Benton Harbor - will be re-tried. You will recieve a fair trial. Whatever happens though, you will be remembered more as more of an invective brigand than anything else. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Don -

Sorry, not a judge. An attorney. And an honest one. I like to think I have added something positive to the system. No, never took any bribes. Never saw any being given either. Worked both in-court and out, with all the other Judges and Attorneys in and near Berrien County. That Judge Wiley as you say drinks too much, maybe. He's still a judge though. While he seems to have given you any negative experience, he still deserves respect because of his position.

Anonymous said...

I thought I would help the BANCO readers understand some of the more complex words of the well spoken, well thought out posting calling Pinkey a "invective brigand".

Invective means: abusive language
Brigand: is an outlaw or bandit

I figured, most of the people writing on BANCO's behalf can't spell or structure a sentence properly, there is no way they are going to know what invective brigand means....but that doesn't mean it isn't true.

I work in the system and see how it works. There is a natural order to things, it may appear foreign to an outsider but if there is so much wide spread corruption why are there no whistle blowers. An no Pinkey you don't count (I would call you Rev. if you didn't get your title from a mail order school). A whistle blower is someone who actually has insight and knowledge....someone who can prove their claims.

Why doesn't Tat Parish speak out about this corruption? You seem to trust him...

I watched everyday of your trial. You are a fraud. You see I speak the truth not rumor, you have been convicted of fraud.

You defruaded people when you were an isurance agent....you see how I back up my claims with facts that other people can check.

The people of Benton Harbor are a proud people and worthy of being led by someone of merit and character, you have neither.

You are not a leader just because you get people to follow you, you are a leader if you are leading people to something better than they had before, something they would not have found on their own.

You fill people's heads with biased rhetoric when they could be spending their time, energy an efforts on a worthy cause.

You made a horrible reference to the Nazis party in your posting. Interestingly enough, Hilter used lies and rhetoric to motivate people (just like you), he used propaganda (like your t-shirts), he made speeches playing off of peoples fears (like your play on racism and corruption) and sadly he honestly believed what he was saying....just like you.

History has shown him to be a mad man (mad means crazy not angry)...what will history say about you?

You should be ashamed of yourself, or if you REALLY believe everything you say...if you truely are not making this stuff up for your own benefit, then I pitty you and feel sorry for you.