Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Officials Should Be Held Accountable

In response to the comments about the negativity of BANCO... For myself, I understand the reason for rallies and the attempt to hold elected officials and other gov. officials to their reponsibilities, and to point out as often as necessary when they abuse their authority. Otherwise, they will be allowed to continue to be the cause of suffering.

It reminds me when the author, Arianna Huffington, said she worked tirelessly for many charities when living in Washington DC.... until the day it dawned on her that the government was passing laws that would undo all of her efforts - or, that no matter how hard she worked to help people, gov. policies tore down her efforts either immediately or eventually.

There are probably hundreds of kind souls doing good in Benton Harbor, but until the justice system operates in a way that is fair, citizens will be living in fear. Until that fear is eradicated, people will be unableto carry on their lives. The kindness and reaching out will not help if folks are afraid to leave their homes.

Sometimes I think that business as usual has been carried on for so long in Berrien County that people who have lived there a long time don't even realize how bad it is. Rev. Pinkney goes to court regularly and can hardly believe the way people are treated there. There are countless stories from people about the harrassment they receive from law enforcement simply for driving while black. It is not this bad in most other communities - even places with high levels of unemployment and poverty.

I believe Benton Harbor residents are fortunate to have Rev. Pinkney in their city - acting as court watchdog and supporting people in whatever way he can.


Anonymous said...

Luck to have him here.. Then why is he going on trial for felony cases. Everyone reads the paper I mean cmon there are many people who stated Pickney himself paid them off or told them to vote yes. they where not influenced in any way. Our justice system did it's job on that and now that it is a BANCO member you are mad at that. Think before you write. Look at the stuff BANCO writes there is no positive from it. All the stuff in here is negative. Better the community in another way by reaching out to the people that need to be reached out to. Let's focus on the kids and the juvenile system that sucks here in Berrien County. Adults make there own choices in life and no cop or judge can influence their choice. If they do drugs they do that, if they steal they do that.. Not anyone else again stop with the racial war and start a new war against bad people in the city.

Anonymous said...

I am writing in response to the July 5, 2005 posting on your website.

I would like to start by saying that I strongly disagree that Benton Harbor is “lucky” to have the so called, self titled Rev. Pinkney. I would definitely say that Benton Harbor is lucky that Rev. Pinkney got caught doing what he was doing.

In reading the articles in the Herald Palladium, as would any citizen, there are strong indications relating to Pinkney’s criminal history, one of which claims he has defrauded elderly citizens for personal gain. Most recently, he apparently defrauded a group of citizens, by leading them to believe they were signing job applications, when in actuality they were voting for something I strongly doubt that they knew anything about.

In comparison, I would say that based upon this information, about the only thing Rev. Pinkney “prays” on, are those who allow him to, some of which who are not aware of what he is doing. It is obvious that he targets the elderly, uneducated, and even some poverty stricken citizens whom he paid a measly $5.00 for their signature and vote.

If you ask me, this type of behavior is unacceptable. I agree that city officials should be held accountable for what they do, but to illegally and unconstitutionally “recall” someone out of office is absurd.

Rev. Pinkney knows right from wrong, and what he did is wrong. He did not learn his lesson before, and if not convicted this time, he will likely continue to commit these types of immoral acts again and again.

It is because of this, that I, along with several others in Benton Harbor, are hesitant to address Mr. Pinkney as a Reverend. Reverends know the difference between right and wrong, and are to set examples as leaders of the community. In my opinion, Pinkney does not deserve that title, nor has he done anything recently to earn it. Stirring the preverbial “pot” by spreading rumors, posting fallacies on the BANCO website, and defrauding the good citizens of Benton Harbor by misleading them in my eyes, is deserving of a title, but not that of a Reverend.

Perhaps the term “criminal”, “con artist”, or “racist” would be more fitting for Mr. Pinkney.

Anonymous said...

Changes are taking place in America in the various nations of the earth ,in a manner,or at a rate of speed ,which makes it very difficult for us to keep up . it is almost as if you nod or take a nap.The world has passed you by ,this may seem ,like an exaggeration,but it is true.The people in the city of Benton Harbor has survived abuse forced confessions ,tribunals withoutlawyers ,isolations and humiliations in berrien county court system.
I would like to say to you,Rev Pinkney you are doing a great and wonderful service for the people of benton harbor.
I have lived in benton harbor for over forty years.you have proven to be a man of God.keep fightning,the people know your are innocent.my family love you and i love you ,do not stop what you are doing .

Pastor Long