Saturday, June 04, 2005

Get a t-shirt!

Donations: needed for attorney fees (tax deductible)

The t-shirt (Benton Harbor's Most Wanted) will be mailed to you for a donation of $20.00 or more:

1940 Union St.
Benton Harbor, MI 49022

Made payable to BANCO – write 'legal defense' in the memo field.

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Anonymous said...

"I am with you" No Justice in Berrien County only who they say get's any true justice ofcorse if it benifits them.Their time is coming and I believe it coming soon , then all will see their durty work. My Judge sits much higher than Berrien County and they can't hide from him. PRAISE THE LORD THE TRUTH SHALL BE REVEILED

Sonlite said...

God is about to come down on Berrien County. He will shine his light and the darkness that is Lurking will be exposed. Just watch and you will see for yourself. For this is the time for that which has been in darkness to be shouted (literally) from the rooftops...ARISE! OH Lord! IN YOUR ANGER anger and BRING FORTH THE JUSTICE THAT YOU HAVE COMMANDED.

Anonymous said...

You are all nuts! You low I.Q people need to get eduated and get a damn job. Berrien county is not the problem, you are the damn problem if you listen to a stupid false pastor named Pinkney. If you do the crime then do the damn time!!!! None of you idiots can even name a true crime against any of the people on the shirts. Grow up and stop listening to that rasist Pinkney. Grow a brain and use it for once and then make good choices in life and support our judicial system in berrien county.--chad

Anonymous said...

spelled educated wrong. I quess i can be an idiot as well some times.--chad

Anonymous said...

i'm a white female, and i do believe the"good old boys" are alive and well in st. joseph,mi.
Whirlpool owns the company store and things aren't going to get better. harbor shores will prevail, klock park will be destroyed, and the people of bh will not see any economic relief.
betrayal? you bet!! has it to do with race? you bet!!!get to the proposed meetings april 17,2008 at mi. works( 6-9 p.m.) also, april 18
8:30 am-2pm) and april 19,2008 at aretreat at the citys business growth center(where ever that is)
don't let this happen!!!!!!! show your support.

Anonymous said...

Harbor Shores is above the law in ignoring the 2004 consent judgement. The BH city council is above the law in that they don't feel the need to honor the deed governing use of JKP. Harbor Shores is for rich, 2nd home Chicago residents. Harbor Shores promises BH residents minimum wage service industry jobs catering to this population. Big deal. One cannot live on mimimum wage. This is corporate slavery at its best. Further, these Chicago residents are only here to play on our lakeshore and take advantage of our resources (which they can get on the cheap as our cost of living is lower here). They will have no intention of moving here, putting their kids into BH schools or becoming involved in the community. They are here to use our resources. BH City Council thinks this is great. All of this chumming around with Harbor Shores. However, once Harbor Shores gets what they need from BH, they will wash their hands of BH. BH city government is a non profit, tax supported entity obligated to serve the needs of all members of the community. And famous for mismanaging its resources, the give away of JKP is case in point. Harbor Shores is a for profit, private business obligated to serve Harbor Shores. Benton Harbor City Council apparently does not understand the psychology of Harbor Shores. Harbor Shores has played you, like a fiddle, I might add. They have gotten everything they wanted from BH without so much as a question. Make no mistake, Harbor Shores could care less about the citizens of Benton Harbor or the city. They are only concerned with furthering their interests and bank accounts. And, if you get in their way, they will figure out how to replace the BH city government with people more sympathetic to their cause.

The observations of another white female.

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